KunTeko 2020 — Programme for improving working life in Finnish local government

The aim of the Kunteko programme is to promote long-term improvement of productivity, performance and working life quality in the Finnish local government sector. The programme extends across the country, taking into account the individual needs of each municipal organisation or unit and supporting their development in various ways.

Co-operative development

Success in organizational development requires trust and co-operation. Kunteko accordingly supports co-operative development in local government organisations. It means that staff and management develop services, working practices and processes and the quality of working life together. 

Goals for the programme

The goals for the programme are:

  1. To draw attention to improvements already made in the local government sector: sharing of development practices and stories www.kunteko.fi/tekojen-tori
  2. To disseminate best practices
  3. To improve and support development skills in the local government sector
  4. To intensify learning around themes emerging from the local government sector
  5. To produce breakthrough innovations for municipal workplaces

Many ways of supporting working life development in municipalities

Kunteko offers many kinds of support for the working life development in municipal organisations. The services are free or low cost. They are implemented by consultants and service providers as well as by the programme’s co-operation partners.

  • 3-day training for staff responsible for development
  • 1- to 3-day coaching/consultation for individual municipal organisations
  • Workshops and clinics to improve performance and working life quality
  • Networks and learning networks with various themes
  • Research collaboration with universities

Making Finnish local government the best in Europe

Kunteko improves working life in the Finnish local government sector according to the National Working Life Development Strategy to 2020. 

New way of working together

Kunteko programme is a new way of working together. It has been drafted and is being implemented by the principal negotiating organisations in the local government sector.  Implementation of the programme is based on project agreement between the parties:

  • KT Local Government Employers (administrator)
  • The Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals, JUKO
  • The Association for Educated Municipal Care Personnel, KoHo
  • The Union of Local-Government Employees, JAU

Programme’s budget is 1.64 million euros, 25% of which is financed by the principal negotiating organisations.

For further information please contact:

Programme Manager Anna-Mari Jaanu, +358 50 572 4620
Project Manager Minna Lyhty, +358 50 405 9989
Project Planner Taina Tervonen, +358 50 521 2448

E-mail: kunteko[a]kt.fi